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Contex Flatbed color scanner

Ralf Jurrien
IFA Report
Monday 16th, July 2007
Posted by: Ralf Jurrien

Contex announces the COPYmate 18 iJET Flatbed Color Scanner. Enhanced with superior image capture, color fidelity and document handling capacity, the COPYmate G18 iJET rises to the challenge of handling any documents - even delicate, oversized, and valuable materials. Expanding on Contex's existing range of top quality large format scanners, the COPYmate 18 iJET offers the outstanding color reproduction and reliability that is synonymous with the Contex brand. "The COPYmate G18 iJET delivers fast large format scanning at an unbeatable price for its class. It captures the photo-quality color and superior grayscale demanded by professionals" says Thomas Weldingh, VP, Sales and Marketing for Contex.

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Contex COPYmate G18 iJET

Scanners have always played an important role at the offices and in a consumerís working environment. Some years ago scanners were of great importance to update websites with self-made photographs or drawings. With the rising popularity of digital cameras the scanner moved to the background and is no longer a key electronic device for a consumer. Scanners became part of a printer device, combined with All-in-One devices. It is still an interesting digital accessory, although for a lot of consumers there is no need to use it for their daily work or hobbies. The compact scanner is very low-priced and offer almost professional scans with multiple scan ratios. Whether there will be scanner news at the IFA 2010 or not, keep your eye on the special IFA show report.